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Reproductive freedom in Indiana is being denied.

The Indiana abortion ban took effect on September 15, 2022.

Learn more about local abortion options.

Follow the lawsuits to restore legal abortion in Indiana.

Get involved with local politics.

Indiana abortion ban timeline

The expedited special session process denied the majority of Hoosiers the power to decide our abortion rights.

The ban passed the Senate on July 29.

The ban passed the House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code on August 2.

The ban was passed through the House, concurred, and signed by the Governor on August 5.

See how General Assembly members voted and how fast the ban (SB1ss) was passed.


Individual Actions

Support the South Bend Abortion Clinic

Learn about ways you can support Whole Woman's Health South Bend to continue to provide abortions. Please do not contact clinics directly; they are busy helping patients.

Demand Indiana Keep Abortion Legal

The Indiana General Assembly banned abortion during the special session (July 25-August 2). We must hold our elected officials accountable and remove anti-abortion politicians from office. Learn more about the candidates running in St. Joseph county that will advance reproductive rights.

Resources to contact representatives and talk about abortion

ACLU Abortion Access in Indiana Campaign 

Resources, toolkits, events, and actions to take to keep abortion legal in Indiana.

Hoosier Abortion Study 

Learn more about the current experiences of people in Indiana seeking abortion care.

Urge National Politicians to Protect and Expand Abortion Access

The Biden-Harris administration and Congress have the power to expand and protect access through executive orders and changes to policy. We must continue to put pressure on people in power to do everything they can to ensure abortion is accessible for everyone.

Grow Your Advocacy at Home

Listen to people who have had abortions; these are perspectives we need to center. Support people who need abortions by donating and fundraising for Whole Woman's Health South Bend, the Hoosier Abortion Fund and the Repro Legal Defense Fund. Start at home and have a heart-to-heart conversation about abortion access with this free toolkit. Educate yourself on the movement for reproductive justice. Follow Rewire News Group for breaking legal analysis and learn how to spot misinformation about abortion in the media. Ready to act? Check out this guide for activist Do's and Dont's from Liberate Abortion.

Operation Save Abortion Training for Abortion Advocacy (Free, Remote, All-Levels)

Who: Abortion Access Front

When: Live event has ended, but you can watch all sessions here on YouTube on demand at any time.

Where: Remote Livestream

Action: A free full day of training on abortion activism from movement leaders nationwide, no previous experience needed. There is also a watch guide with discussion questions and activities as a free pdf download. 

Upcoming Local Events

Hoosier advocates are grieving and initiating our plans for what's next to help people access the care they need.

If you are hosting an event or action and would like to be featured on this page, please email us at Events marked with an asterisk are not hosted or organized by PCSB.

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