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There are many concerns surrounding the future of the Affordable Care Act, and one of them is the continuation of affordable birth control.

Are you considering an IUD?

We've compiled some resources to help you weigh your options, and navigate the health system locally.

What is an IUD?

Check out this really helpful page:

Where do I go to get an IUD, or other types of birth control, in Indiana?

There are several options for you:

1. Your primary care doctor or gynecologist  

(with insurance)

Call the member services number on the back of your insurance card to find out who is in network for you if you do not have a current primary care physician, but would like one, and would like to go this route.

2. Northern Indiana Maternal and Child Health Network (NIMCHN)

(with or without insurance)



  • NIMCHN Family Planning — Mishawaka

       413 W McKinley Ave

       Mishawaka, Indiana 46545
       (574) 282-3230

  • NIMCHN Family Planning — Warsaw

      2307 E. Center St. Suite A

      Warsaw , IN 46530

      (574) 282-3230

3. Planned Parenthood  

(with or without insurance)



Below is a list of prominent, but not all, facilities in Indiana.

Any of these numbers will lead you to a centralized system that can transfer you wherever you need to go. 

  • Planned Parenthood Mishawaka Health Center

      3005 Grape Road, Suite B

      Mishawaka, IN 
      (574) 255-9555

  • Planned Parenthood Merrillville Health Center

      8645 Connecticut St 

      Merrillville, IN 
      (219) 769-3500

  • Planned Parenthood: Georgetown Health Center

      8590 Georgetown Rd

      Indianapolis, IN 
      (317) 872-3115

Get your birth control at your door.

The Nurx app has launched in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.

Nurx works with or without insurance to get birth control delivered to you.

Nurx also offers the ring, the patch, Plan B, and PrEP.

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