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We are 100% volunteer operated and are always looking to add to our talented team.

Check out the variety of potential volunteer opportunities that we offer and positions with other organizations that support reproductive justice in our community.

Volunteer with US

Volunteer interest for PCSB clinic support roles is currently paused as we focus our efforts on defending the right to abortion in Indiana. Learn how to take action here.

Join our friends if you are looking for current or upcoming volunteer opportunities. Many abortion organizations are currently scaling up to meet increased demand and have paused volunteer recruitment. Donations are the best way to contribute to abortion clinics and support organizations right now. 


The following volunteer opportunities are provided by other organizations.


With: All Options or Midwest Access Coalition

Action: Provide tangible assistance to people seeking abortions. Practical Support can be anything from giving someone a ride to and from their appointment, sitting with them in the waiting room to provide emotional support, or helping arrange lodging and childcare, to providing material support to help offset the cost of care and lost wages (diapers, gas cards, post-abortion care packages).

for Lawyers and Law Students

With: If/When/How

Action: Join a nationwide group of legal professionals who are mobilizing for reproductive justice. You’ll gain access to a variety of skill-building workshops, continuing education credits, exclusive networking events, and volunteer opportunities.

Digital Security

With: Digital Defense Fund

Action: Volunteer your digital security, programming, software engineering, or IT skills to help the abortion access movement.


With: Online Abortion Resource Squad (OARS)

Action: Provide referral and counseling resources to help guide Reddit posters through their abortion journey.

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