We are 100% volunteer operated and are always looking to add to our talented team.

Check out the variety of potential volunteer opportunities that we offer and positions with other organizations that support reproductive justice in our community.

Volunteer Roles

clinic Defense Roles

PCSB provides volunteer clinic escorts for a defense program focused on patient support and clinic safety.


Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and able to commit to a minimum of four hours a month. We recruit based on our needs and not all roles may be available at all times. Some roles can be done remotely.

Clinic Escort: Act as a non-violent, non-engaging barrier between the protesters and patients. Escorts are a symbol of reassurance, as well as a calm presence to those who would intimidate them.


Patient Care Bag Assistant: Prepares patient care gift bags and maintains item inventory.


Scheduler: Ensures that all shifts have proper coverage.


Data Curator: Manages data and reporting for the program.


Administrative Assistant: Provides operational support including answering communications, volunteer recruitment, social media, and press inquiries.

To start an application for any of these roles, please fill out the interest form below. All positions receive an orientation and training; new clinic escorts are trained in groups as needed.


The following volunteer opportunities are provided by other Hoosier-lead organizations.


Provide tangible assistance to people seeking abortions. Practical Support can be anything from giving someone a ride to and from their appointment, sitting with them in the waiting room to provide emotional support, or helping arrange lodging and childcare, to providing material support to help offset the cost of care and lost wages (diapers, gas cards, post-abortion care packages).

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Legal monitors 

Legal Monitors are not connected to PCSB or the clinic. Their neutral presence is at the invitation of the clinic to provide an extra layer of protection for people exercising their right to abortion.​

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