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Pro Choice South Bend members understand the fight for justice is a slow burn that must be sustained through many fire keepers.


We kindle the movement for reproductive justice in Michiana.

Join now

Complete the form above to join Pro Choice South Bend and become a fire keeper. Please allow a few days for us to process your membership. Once processed you will receive another email with instructions for our membership log in, membership card, and upcoming membership events. 


Pro Choice South Bend members are in the know when it comes to reproductive justice efforts. They have their congressional representatives listed right after their emergency contacts on their phone. They keep a bullhorn and protest sign in their truck. They can tell you the location of the nearest clinic, diaper bank, or polling place.

Are you ready to become a Pro Choice South Bend member?


Your annual membership benefits includes:

  • Your very own PCSB membership card and voucher for a free sticker or button

  • Information about special member opportunities to participate in local actions and activities 

  • Access to our full action alerts during the Indiana state legislation session, including support on what to say and who to contact

  • Notice of community happenings and reproductive justice events

  • The warm fuzzy feeling you get for helping PCSB to continue our work

Membership cost

For $25 a year, you receive all the benefits of membership.

We also offer a student rate of $20 a year, because we understand FASFA is not your friend. Enter discount code "student" to apply.

Join PCSB!

Donate to

fund justice

Pro Choice South Bend is 100% volunteer operated. In addition to membership, please consider making a donation to our organization. We are only able to do what we do because of donors like you.


Pro Choice South Bend is 501(c)4 social welfare organization. This status allows us to advocate more effectively to change laws and hold politicians accountable. As such, membership dues and contributions to are not tax-deductible.


Your gift means so much...

  • $10 sends 50 postcards to our representatives in Indy and D.C.

  • $20 buys 50 buttons or stickers to show South Bend is Pro Choice

  • $40 keeps our website going for a month for people to access local resources

  • $100 pays our rent for four months

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